Tire Services Lampasas, TX

Much like the human body, your vehicle is composed of multiple interconnected systems that must run in seamless unison to ensure proper functionality and safety. Unfortunately, one of the most important of these systems is often ignored till real, expensive damages occur. We’re talking about your tires. Need a better understanding of tires wear, and tire services? No problem. Take a look at some quick information concerning your tires, and their general care.


Maintaining proper air pressure helps to maintain the longevity of your vehicles tires, as well as your vehicles overall handling. Another important factor of keeping your vehicles air pressure properly maintained is the money it can save you on gas! Often overlooked, having your vehicles tire pressure check and adjusted regularly is an effective, easy means of tire care.


Another important aspect of your tire care is maintaining proper tire wear. Tire tread wear is crucial to the life of your tires, and can have many negative impacts if not properly maintained. Typically, the easiest way to maintain proper tire wear is to have your tires rotated. Again, this too is often an ignored maintenance on your vehicle. To ensure that your tire wears evenly, have your tires rotated every 5,000-8,000 miles, with your oil changes.


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